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SSFF2019 - Art Show - Muriel

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30x40 Photographic print mounted on 1cm forex
Michele Peretti aka Muriel, is a graphic designer and photographer who was born in the sixties in Piedmont. In the eighties he moved to Milan where he still lives. From his father who was a photographer he learned the importance of observing. Graphics and photography immediately became the tools to describe the emotions that are evoked from the life, the people and  the surrounding world.

He experiences and fully lives the advent of punk, the devastating wave full of artistic and social Inspirations that offers him a new possibility to express himself, from the fanzines to music, playing bass in different bands. Few years after a “new wave” was hitting Europe from the US: Skateboarding. He is the co-founder of XXX Skateboard Magazine, with his pictures he depicts the European and Italian new born scene. Nowadays he is a graphic designer and works in video productions.

photos from his photograhic archive of the years of XXX Skateboard Magazine, the main Italian skate magazine in the period from 1988 to 1994, of which he was cofounder, editor and photographer as well.
Six years of skateboarding, but also of people, places, concerts.
 Six fundamental years that are the basis of the evolution of skateboarding as we know it today.
Historical memory absolutely current as names like Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Cab, Ed Templeton,
Rodney Mullen and many more are still in the scene and are considered 'Legends'.

Danny Way / Japan - Action Skatepark Bowl Salussola, Italy - 1989