Image of SSFF2018 - Art Show Photo - Giulia Frigeri 2

SSFF2018 - Art Show Photo - Giulia Frigeri 2

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Giulia Frigeri - Surf Iran
30x30 Photographic print mounted on 5mm Poliplat

Ramin is a small village in the extreme south of Iran , located few miles away from the city of Chabahar. The region of Baluchestan, is the most remote and impoverished area of Iran and also the only place with potential to surf.
Shahla Yasini is the first Iranian woman who ever surfed in Iran.
Diver and lifeguard, Shahla has always had a strong connection
to water especially to the Indian Ocean. However, she would never known that in 2013 the profes- sional Irish Surfer Easkey Britton would extend her the invitation of being among the first women sur- fing in that same Indian Ocean. Partnered with another female Ira- nian athlete ( Mona Seraj ) Easkey and Shahla found the perfect sur- fing spot in the beach of Ramin, a stretch of sea near a harbour with good waves throughout the sum- mer. Back then, they didn’t know they were about to pioneer so- mething that would change history for Iranian women (and men). Considering the proximity to the border of Pakistan and the ethnic and social instability of this region and the entire country, no one ( lo- cal or foreigner) had ever explored Baluchestan so deeply to discover a spot for surfing before Easkey. Shahla is actually the only woman from Baluchestan who has ever attempted to surf.
Since she got introduced to this sport she has been dreaming to move to New Zeland and master it by being able to surf everyday.
In 2013, after catching the interest of the local community , the trio extended the invitation to surf to the boys of Ramin too.
Since then a whole community of young Iranians has been popula- ting the place, organizing events, calling foreign guests surfers and asking for sponsor to donate equipment and support the ‘Makran Moj surfing site’.
The scene, although still incredibly young and new, has slowly found its audience through social media and word of mouth. Iranians from all over the counrty get on planes to come to Ramin and try walking on the waves of the Indian ocean. Of course women are still a restri- cted section of this scene; primarily from Theranian distinct social and economical background, completely covered from hair to feet, girls involved are as keen as men in making this sport become so- mething serious for the Iranian youth.